Images in your blog post

There are several ways to post with images:

1 – Header Image

The header image is the one in the header of your blog site when you type in the URL of your blog into the browser. It is the home page of the blog where you see your posts one by one, newest on top, sorted chronologically.

2 – Featured Image

The featured image is the one that you add in the right column when editing your blog post. it is also displayed in the header area of the website of the single blog post when you click on the title of your post.

3 – Image in the post

Those images are added to the post itself by the editing bar. If you have no featured image in your blog post in the overview of our group blog posts you’ll find this image. If you want this image to be seen in the overview, make sure you have no featured image in the blog post.

See the video for as short introduction 🙂